Saturday, October 21, 2006

US - Ted Kennedy offered to help Soviets

and he promised to enlist the help of the left wing media.

This is from the KGB memo.

If the proposal is recognized as worthy, then Kennedy and his friends will bring about suitable steps to have representatives of the largest television companies in the USA contact Y. V. Andropov for an invitation to Moscow for the interview. Specifically, the board of directors of ABC, Elton Raul and the television columnists Walter Cronkite or Barbara Walters could visit Moscow. The senator underlined the importance that this initiative should be seen as coming from the American side.

Why was Cronkite so important to the KGB? Because they gave him credit for helping the communist win in Vietnam.

The Democrats have a patteren of this behavior.

We know that Senator Kerry while still a reserve officer, negotiated with the enemy during the Viet Nam War and that Senator Rockefeller traveled to Syria before the war in Iraq to tip off our enemies about our battle plans.

And we know the Democrats have been leaking highly classified intelligence to the media.

Let's not forget Sandy Berger's theft and destruction of highly classified intelligence. Or, that while al Qaeda plotted 9/11, President Clinton was stalking a young intern and eventually had oral sex with her in the White House.

The Democrats subversive activities are not limited to treason, the Democrats are also engaging in voter fraud on a massive scale. And the Democrats are urging illegal immigrants to vote.

Democrats - the subversive party.

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