Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Iraq: Beyond the Drop in Violence

A good look at the state of Iraq.

Read the whole thing but here's the conclusion.

"IRAQ today is a hundred times better than what it would have been under Saddam in any imaginable circumstances. Statistics of violence don't begin to measure the efforts of a whole nation to re-emerge from the darkest night in its history. And in that sense, the news from Iraq since April 2003 has always been more good than bad.

What is new is that now more Americans appear willing to acknowledge this - good news in itself. As long as the United States remains resolute in its support for the new Iraq, there will be more good news than bad from what is at present the main battlefield in the War on Terror."

Despite all the efforts of the left and the left wing media to support the terrorists in Iraq, they have been defeated.

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