Tuesday, November 27, 2007

US fire kills Iraq bus passengers

The BBC uses a tragedy to further its own anti war agenda - again.

"Up to four Iraqi civilians are reported to have died in Baghdad when US troops fired at a minibus taking them to work.

The US military in Iraq said its forces opened fire at the vehicle "after the driver failed to heed a warning shot".

A US military statement said the road the minibus was travelling on, in the Shaab area of north-east Baghdad, was only for use by passenger cars. "

While tremendous progress is being made, Iraq is still a dangerous place and people would be wise to heed directions, warnings and curfews. But just to make sure you get the idea that the Americans are trigger happy, the BBC goes on.

"The US military has also given details of an incident that happened on Monday when three Iraqi civilians, including a child, were killed by its troops manning a roadblock 200 kilometres (140 miles) north of Baghdad. It said their vehicle approached the roadblock in the city of Baiji at high speed and the driver ignored warnings to stop. "

In both cases it appears the drives failed to stop after warning shots were fired. How many times have we seen suicide bombers force people to ignore warnings? And mini vans are favorite of the bombers since they can carry far more explosives. So, shouldn't the headline be "Iraqis die after ignoring warnings to stop"? But that isn't eye catching or anti American enough.

Near the end the BBC want to drive home the point.

"Correspondents say the US military presence is unpopular among many of the Iraqi population, because of what is seen as the heavy-handed use of force by US troops. "

Ah, the infamous "correspondents say". Would that be left wing BBC, al Reuters, or Guardian correspondents?

Here's an al Reuters report on the incidents but interestingly leads with why the police and military have to be on guard all the time.

"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Nine people were killed when a suicide bomber posing as a shepherd attacked police north of Baghdad on Tuesday and at least six civilians died in a spate of shootings by U.S. soldiers, security officials said.

Police at the Diyala province headquarters in Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad, said they were taken by surprise when the suicide bomber herded several sheep towards a checkpoint before detonating a belt packed with explosives."

On the one hand we have a suicide bomber hearding sheep that isn't challenged and he kills 9 people and on the other, civilians are killed because they failed to stop after warning shots are fired. What would you do?

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