Friday, November 09, 2007

UK - Terrorism is a mystery to the BBC

Or so they'd have you believe. Here is the BBC's headline for a report on the first female Muslim terrorist convicted in the UK. "The enigma that is the 'Lyrical Terrorist' " See? She's a mystery to the BBC. What part is the mystery BBC? The fact that she's a terrorist? Female? Writes poems? Or the three in combination? Is what motivated her a mystery to you BBC? You might be left wondering as well from the BBC's report.

The BBC sets the tone with the first 4 paragraphs wherein we are told she is shy, dresses modestly, is loved by her mother, is given the freedom of the court and is polite. Nice set up eh? The BBC's got your sympathy for this terrorist already.

The BBC then go on to report how she merely downloaded some terrorist material from the web, wrote poems and chatted online about watching terrorist videos. The BBC note how she sobbed when found guilty and even allege some on the jury cried too: "two female members of the jury also appeared to be wiping away tears." For all we know they could have had a cold. On the other hand, given the state of Londonistan, perhaps we should be surprised they convicted her of anything at all.

You will note that the BBC fails to mention Islam at all, the source for her call to terrorism.

It's not just the BBC that is taken in, the judge called her a mystery as well and allowed her to leave by the rear exit.

Now after all that sympathy, here's a dose of reality.

"When they raided her home, they found folders on the computer called "Samina’z Stuff" and "Copy of Handbooks" as well as dozens of handwritten notes hidden in the pages of a book and a bracelet which carried the word jihad [holy war].

On a mirror were found the words "Lyrical Terrorist" and on one piece of paper she had written: "The desire within me increases every day to go for martyrdom, the need to go increases second by second."

In her poems she wrote about killing heathens, adding: "Kafirs your time will come soon, and no one will save you from your doom."

Police found a copy of Osama Bin Laden’s Declaration of War and a passage in which she praised the al-Qa’eda leader and added: "We will not let you have any peace. We will show no remorse, no mercy and no regrets"

In one poem, called "Raising Mujahideen [holy fighter] Children," she recommended indoctrinating children from the age of seven, adding: "Show the children videos and pictures of mujahideen and tell them to become strong like them."

Explain how the Mujahideen fear no man - they fear Allah alone, and for his sake they are able, willing and capable to do anything in defence of Islam." Malik joined an extremist organisation called Jihad Way set up to disseminate terrorist propaganda and support al-Qa’eda."

Here's how the BBC describe her favorite videos: "in the section for her favourite TV shows, she entered "watching videos by Muslim brothers in Iraq, yep, the beheading ones." You see? It's all about Iraq, she was merely agitated by the war in Iraq, that's why she did such things. Nothing to do with Islam. Or is it? Here's the part the BBC left out.

"Under favourite TV shows, it said: "Watching videos by my Muslim brothers in Iraq, yep the beheading ones, watching video messages by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri [his deputy] and other videos which show massacres of the kaffirs."

Kaffirs would be you and me. You see, this isn't about Iraq, or Afganistan or any other foreign policy issues - this is about Islam versus the west.

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