Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UK - Islam and a "Web of criticism"

That's how Josh Freedman Berthoud feels we are judging Muslims and Islamic countries. According to him we shouldn't use the Internet as a tool to learn and understand other cultures. What Josh leaves out of his argument is the fact that we don't just rely on the Internet to as he puts it:

"However, we must likewise be resistant to the urge to use the Internet as some kind of window onto a world of depravity, twitching our curtains, tutting, as we criticise our new neighbours."

Well Josh that might have some small measure of truth if we didn't have newspapers, television, radio, magazines and our own two eyes to go along with what others report on the Internet. I've heard some pretty lame excuses for denying the barbarism of Islam, but this is one of the lamest. Typical left wing drivel.

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