Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UK - BBC continues support for terrorism

Compare the BBC's report on PM Gordon Brown's statement in the Sun to the actual document. Notice what the BBC left out?

"We will work with America and all countries of the European Union to defeat terrorist extremism."

"We must also build better community relations and a stronger sense of our shared British values – what is sometimes called winning the battle of hearts and minds."

"We must isolate Islamic extremists who in our colleges and local communities seek to manipulate and divide our society."

"We will celebrate and build upon those things that unite Britain – the shared values, traditions and aspirations that promote a strong shared British culture and identity."

Brown lays the blame for terrorism, correctly, on Islamic extremists, calls for an end to multiculturalism and says we have to work with America to fight Islamic terrorism - all of which the BBC left out of their report. Revealing.

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