Wednesday, November 07, 2007

UK - Support for the BBC from a surprising source

That's what this BBC employee claims.

"support for the BBC from a perhaps surprising source
Nick Reynolds (BBC) | Homepage | 06.11.07 - 2:16 pm | # "

Really Nick? What exactly did Hitchens say?

"Evidence from the USA shows that privately run broadcast networks - ABC, CBS and NBC - are just as dominated by received liberal opinion as the BBC. "

Oh, the "support" gets even better.

"This would be served by the open acknowledgement of bias by presenters and reporters, and a commitment to ensure that rival views were aired, and that on occasion programmes should be presented by adversaries, so that ( at the very least ) no public figure was ever interviewed by a sympathiser. Because of the licence fee, we do have a faint but actual chance of compelling the BBC to behave in this way. Long years of criticisms are beginning to have an effect and, redoubled, may actually achieve change since the BBC is going to need all the allies it can get if it is to survive thee next 20 years intact. I find it encouraging that many intelligent BBC figures, such as Andrew Marr, are now at last accepting that the Corporation does have a strong cultural bias to the left. It took time."

And more "support":

"It doesn't try, like the BBC, to pretend that it was ever unbiased in the past."

To a BBC employee like Nick, this is considered "support".

This is why it's taking so long and is so hard to change the left wing bias at the BBC, left wing bias is so entrenched in BBC employees they think it's a "normal" world view. It doesn't occur to them that most of the world doesn't think like them. You need to get out more often Nick.

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