Friday, April 14, 2006

Middle East - Gunmen storm Palestinian PM’s office

Why isn't MSM calling this a civil war?

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Around 20 gunmen from the radical Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade on Thursday stormed the Palestinian prime minister’s office in the West Bank town of Ramallah, security sources said.

The militants forced their way into the downtown building in the middle of a video-conference linking senior civil servants based in the West Bank town with their counterparts in Gaza City, the security sources and witnesses told AFP.

Although Ramallah serves as the administrative capital of the Palestinian Authority, new prime minister Ismail Haniya has had to operate out of Gaza as a result of travel restrictions imposed on the new Hamas-led administration.

A group of Al-Aqsa followers also took over and forced the closure of the nearby offices of the transport ministry where they demanded a resumption of the distribution of permits to enable the families of people killed in the ongoing Palestinian uprising to travel free by taxi.

As Tim Blair notes, "Hey, it worked for French students ... "

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