Sunday, July 08, 2007

Islam - Exploring Islam's 'Death Cult'

Nice to see some in the media trying to shine the light on the true source of terrorism. But Hirsh, like so many others, just cant go all the way and has this sub headline "Muslims must find a way to remove the cancer infecting their religion."

He then opens with the usual it's our fault theme and not the truth that it's who we are. But give him some credit for having the guts to say this:

"Has something gone wrong with Islam itself, or at least the culture it has produced?"

But, sadly, it doesn't take long for Hirsh to backpedal:

"And it bears mention: homicidal rage of the kind we see in the British case is still very much a rare phenomenon in the Muslim world."

What planet does Hirsh live on?

Hirsh ends with this:

"Muslims must find a way to remove this modern cancer—this fundamentalist death cult—that has infected their religion. None of us on the outside can do it for them."

And that is not going to happen, because any Muslim who dares try and take ownership of the problem, is marked for death and that mark of death is supported my the majority of Muslims. Just ask Rushdie and others like him.

What's left out of Hirsh's report, like almost all such reports, is Islam's persecution of all other religions, gays and women.

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