Thursday, July 12, 2007

UK - A war on rationality

More like a war on the truth.

Check this factually inaccurate article out in the Guardian attacking Channel Four's report on rising anti-semitism. What's even more amazing is the writer even links to the proof that what he's claiming in reality is the exact opposite.

The main thrust of the programme was the alleged increase in anti-semitism. Yet even the statistics used by the All-Party Parliamentary Committee on Anti-semitism show (paragraph 29, page 14) that there was a 14% decline in anti-semitic incidents from 2004 to 2005.

Follow the link and you'll see that's not quite what the report says. Even worse the site contains the latest report from 2006 - the writer hopes you won't go there and read that report because it says:

"The Community Security Trust (CST) recorded 594 antisemitic race hate incidents throughout the UK in 2006. This is a 31% rise from the 455 incidents recorded in 2005, and is the highest total since records began in 1984."

That report in pdf is here.

See here via Harry's Place.

Will the Guardian and the writer write a retraction? I doubt it.

Be sure and read the comments over at comments are free and see how people defend the article even though it is factualy inaccurate. That's the left for you - they simply don't care about the truth.

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