Thursday, August 24, 2006

Islam - Guess the country

Which country is Irfan Husain talking about here?

It is clear that our current policy of stout denial fools nobody. Anybody visiting ... now sees a country in the grip of growing religious fervour. We have unwittingly created an environment where extremism and terrorism breed and multiply. Unless we pull out our heads from the sand, we will not see the extent of the problem. And if we cannot see the problem, we cannot even begin to solve it.

Read his article to find out but the UK works for me. Here's one reason.

"One year ago, I reported in horror that approximately one in four British Muslims told pollsters that, if they knew about a terrorist plot targeting their fellow British citizens, they would not report it to the police. "Troubling," I said at the time, but not as bad as actually supporting terrorist attacks.

Now, a new poll shows that about one in four British Muslims support suicide bombings, that the 7/7 attacks in London were justified. Nearly half of British Muslims today believe the 9/11 attacks on New York were a conspiracy involving the US government and Israel.

These are Muslims in Britain. Not Baghdad, not Bangladesh, but living in the heart of the modern, Western world."

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