Thursday, August 31, 2006

US - Army Meets Its Retention Goal Early

Which means that once again the Army will exceed its re-enlistment goal. In fact, re-enlistments are the highest among combat groups.

Now, you just know the AP isn't going to let the idea that we have patriotic and motivated people re-enlisting in our Army.

He may even return to the front again - a possibility that never occurred to him when he first joined the active Army in 1997, long before the 2003 Iraq invasion and the onset of what has become an increasingly unpopular war.

Right. He joined the ARMY and it never occurred to him that he would go into combat and possibly several times. Wel, Lolita, just exactly what did you think the Army did?

The war obviously isn't so "increasingly unpopular" with combat veterans now then, is it Lolita? If it wasn't for the lying left wing media, it wouldn't be so unpopular. The lying left wing media is doing the same thing it did during Vietnam, trying to snatch defeat from victory.

Lolita continues...

While the Army struggled last year to meet recruitment goals, it has been able to keep soldiers in the service by using a growing list of incentives and escalating bonuses to shower troops with money, schooling and career advancements.

What Lolita fails to tell you is that the Army has exceeded is recruitment goal for 14 months in a row.

There's war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Middle East and the war on terror. North Korea and Iran are saber rattling. And yet recruitment and re-enlistment are on the rise. It's not just American military that is on the rise either. Canada as well as Britain are seeing increases in military recruitment.

Stick to naval gazing Lolita.

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