Monday, August 28, 2006

UK - "Be clear, this is Asian apartheid"

And make no mistake, this is self imposed Asian apartheid.

I haven't read BBC newsreader, George Alagiah's, book yet, so I'm not sure if in it he get's to the heart of the matter. This interview with the London Times, skirts all around the issue. Listen and you'll see what I mean.

So began a Sri Lankan boy’s British odyssey. Lately this journey has taken the BBC newscaster to some of Britain’s most racially divided outposts, prompting him to write a book with disturbing conclusions: Britain, he suggests, is becoming an apartheid state; but while in South Africa this was the design of whites, in Britain, Alagiah says, it is sometimes immigrants’ “own fault” they are “left behind”.

Just as the true level of immigration is revealed, this is provoking quite a rumpus. Alagiah says what third worlders despised about British colonists was their refusal to “learn our languages, eat our food or wear our clothes”. Now he accuses some of those colonising Britain of displaying precisely the same insensitivity.

Hmmm. Who's he taling about I wonder?

He was also staggered to meet an Asian youth who could recall her every encounter with a white; there had been fewer than 10. And that was her loss because, as Alagiah reports, ethnic ghettos are among the poorest enclaves in Britain.


Take his discovery that, far from growing more integrated, more Asians than ever are marrying first cousins. Whether this is due to pressure from families to blag passports for relatives, to restore cultural ties with their homelands or in some cases even because of love — the results are not good. There is a marked increase in health problems among offspring of such unions: a shocking argument against arranged marriage.

Give him credit it nails it arguing that Britains multiculturalism is partly to blame.

We move on to the causes of terrorism. Initially Alagiah makes predictable noises about “alienation”, but suddenly he grows more controversial. I ask why (a tiny minority) of young Asian men should seek to destroy a life their parents worked so hard to build. Alagiah replies: “For all the racism of 40 years ago there was a sense that you had to get along. There were no special schemes or props. Today there is no incentive to integrate, due to the ‘right to be different’ ethos.” Which is a polite way of saying Britain has been too soft. And he believes there are such things as “British values” that should supersede other values.

But he's still ignoring the elephant in the room and in so doing never gets to the real root of the whole problem - Islam. For it is Islam that teaches non integration, to not take infidels as friends. They don't want to integrate they want to dominate.

Nowhere in this interview will you find the words Islam or Muslim. Maybe it's in his book but I doubt it.

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