Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Media - why we don't believe you

Here's a long list of recent media fakes and hoaxes from the left wing media.

Here's an even longer list of past left wing media fakes and forgeries.

And who can forget Rathergate?

This is an even longer list still of media bias and just from the left wing BBC.

Sadly, the general public is largely unaware they are being lied to by the left wing media. The left wing media knows this and that's why, despite being caught out repeatedly, they keep on lying.

One can only imagine how much better our world would be if the left wing media would just stop its lying, faking and biased reporting. How much better would the world be if they only knew the truth?

Blogging is evolving all the time and we now have video blogging, podcasting and even radio broadcasts. But we need much, much more to counter the lying left wing media. So, if you're reading this and are fed up with the lying left wing media, why not start your own blog? Or, if you don't have time to blog, start an email campaign to make your friends and relatives aware of blogs. I was at a BBQ at the weekend and met some people who had never heard of blogs. Clearly we have work to do.

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