Saturday, August 26, 2006

US - Editor of E&P admits faking a story

Recently, I posted about Greg Mitchell's, editor of Editor and Publisher, complaint over bloggers exposing the faking of the news coming out of Lebanon.

Seems Greg had a good reason to be worried about bloggers exposing fake news stories - Mitchell's faked a story himself.

Now that was a long time ago, Mitchell owned up to it and you might let it go at that. But Mitchell's recent attack on bloggers in an attempt to cover up the fake reporting from Lebanon, indicated he's not fit to be the editor of Editor and Publisher.

Will Mitchell be the next scalp on the bloggers belt? We'll see.

MSM still don't get it that the rules of the game have changed. Until they do we'll continue to see more of this.


Now Mitchell's trying hard to cover his ass on his own admission to faking a story. Unreal! It's as if they don't know the blogsphere actually exists.

Mitchell really does have to go now.

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