Saturday, August 26, 2006

UK - Is it just terrorism that makes people fear Islam?

Listen to this from the Telegraph.

The alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners and last year's terrorist attacks on London have made more people fear Islam as a religion, not merely its extremist elements, a poll for The Daily Telegraph has found.

A growing number of people fear that the country faces "a Muslim problem" and more than half of the respondents to the YouGov survey said that Islam posed a threat to Western liberal democracy. That compares with less than a third after the September 11 terrorist attacks on America five years ago. [...]

Since a similar poll was conducted after the July 7 bombings in London last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of people worried about some of their Muslim compatriots.

The proportion of those who believe that "a large proportion of British Muslims feel no sense of loyalty to this country and are prepared to condone or even carry out acts of terrorism" has nearly doubled from 10 per cent a year ago to 18 per cent now.

The fact that 25% of British Muslims say that the 7/7 attacks were justified and an even higher number say they would not report a Muslim terrorist plot, explains a lot.

Most strikingly, there has been a substantial increase over the past five years in the numbers who appear to subscribe to a belief in a clash of civilisations. When YouGov asked in 2001 whether people felt threatened by Islam, as distinct from fundamentalist Islamists, only 32 per cent said they did. That figure has risen to 53 per cent.

Five years ago, a majority of two to one thought that Islam posed no threat, or only a negligible one, to democracy. Now, by a similar ratio, people think it is a serious threat.

Here again, the fact that 40% of British Muslims want Islamic law in Britain explains a lot.

And Britons are increasingly aware of the governments appeasement of Muslims at the loss of some of our freedoms. The Muhammad cartoon affair highlighted the clash of civilizations.

Before 9/11, 3/11, Bali and 7/7, most people were unaware of the true nature of Islam. It was a religion like any other they thought and Muslims were free to practice their religion. As these Muslim terror attacks increased, along with many more foiled and failed attempts, non Muslims began to take a harder look at Islam.

What they found was an intolerant, oppressive and violent religion. A religion that taught hate at home, in school and in the mosque. Death to gays, there is no other religion than Islam, Christians and Jews are apes and pigs, women are worth less than men and most importantly, there is no such thing as free speech and democracy. Here's a long list of videos to highlight some of the hate taught.

Time and time again we hear Muslim "leaders" say one thing to us non Muslims and the opposite to their Muslim brothers. Undercover ivestigations in mosques and Muslim communities show more of the same.

Recently, some of our leaders have begun to change their attitude towards Muslims. PM Blair delcared that we need to stop apologising for our stance on issues. Lord Stevens went further and said, it's a Muslim problem, they own it and they need to fix it. In this article, Kelly goes almost as far as to say multiculturalism is dead. All good words to hear but we need to hear it more often and louder. More importantly, Muslims need to hear it more often and much louder.

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