Wednesday, August 30, 2006

US - The Armitage wine was made from sour grapes

As the Canada Freepress notes.

With the final exposure of Mr. Armitage and his balding pate as the final suspects in this fading denouement, only Mr. Libby is left in the dock before the gagged up magistrates, where he must try to remember what it was he actually lied about during his questioning about a crime that was not only not committed, but of whom the suspect was already known to the investigating agencies at the time Scooter was grilled about the affair in which he was actually not involved in.

George Bush never lied. Scooter Libby is in the dock for the flimsiest of nigh on unproveable frauds. Karl Rove took a walk after thousands in legal fees. David Corn, after years of accusing the President for being a liar, now writes a book claiming he wasn't. And George Soros will continue his outright purchase of the Democratic Party at rock bottom prices to insure that future Fitzgerald-like hijinx will occur with a regularity he'll demand from his newly purchased political puppets.

The only thing the Democrats care about is getting back in power and they will lie, cheat and ruin anyone who gets in their way.

The Wall Street Journal goes further and calls Joe Wilson a liar.

For starters, fessing up would put to rest the conspiracy theories once and for all. Bush opponents have continued to promote this myth, with Mr. Wilson writing in June 2004 that "the conspiracy to destroy us was most likely conceived--and carried out--within the office of the vice president of the United States." Not a word of that was true.

Another point the leftist liars keeping trying make is that it was the White House was out to get Wilson. That like wise is not true.

But Mr. Novak has written that his source was not a "partisan gunslinger," and the columnist has also said that he himself put in the call to Mr. Rove to confirm what he'd first heard from his main source (presumably Mr. Armitage). The White House, in short, was not engaged in any campaign to "out" Ms.

None of this matters to the left. The damage has been done to many people and that's all they care about. The left and their mouth piece, the left wing media, could care less about the truth.

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