Wednesday, August 30, 2006

UK - Robert Fisks fakes

Which is also why he writes for the far left Independent Newspaper.

Here's Fisk's latest failed prediction.

Thus, in a column about the arrest of 24 suspects over the foiled London bomb plot, Fisk dismissed the whole deal as a fraud: “I’m sure Independent readers will join me in watching how many of the suspects ... are still in custody in a couple of weeks’ time.” Well, let’s do a head count. Ten days later 11 of the suspects, far from being released, were charged. Another has since been charged, while eight remain in custody. Only four have been released.

As Tim Blair points out 3 more have now been charged.

Tim points out several "mistakes" of Fisk's including this one.

Here’s one recent classic, from July, when Crime Scene Investigator Fisk attempted to support claims that Hezbollah had shot down an Israeli jet or helicopter or something: “When I picked up what appeared to be maybe a cockpit window of some kind, the glass fell out of the rubber frame onto the road.”

It's now been proved that there was no downing of an aircraft and that the "crash scene" was staged by Hezbollah by setting a tire dump on fire.

With all of Fisk's trouble with facts and predictions, and after being caught lying, one has to wonder why the Independent hires him? Unless of course all that Fisk writes, whether accurate or the truth, fits their left wing agenda.

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