Thursday, August 31, 2006

UK - Migrant flood changing UK

For the worse, so says Trevor Phillips. He should know as he's the head of the Commission for Racial Equality.

He added that the social transformation was sharpened by large numbers of Brits quitting the UK. Mr Phillips warned Britain was verging on “unacceptably high” ethnic polarisation — which he blamed on the education system.

He said: “Separateness tends to encourage inequality of treatment.

“And living separately means that different groups have their experiences defined by their ethnicity rather than their ambitions.

“The more we allow groups of people who live and work here to feel they do not belong to this society, the higher the risk of their taking hostile action against it.”

In other words, it's our fault. That's true to the degree that the government forced their multicultural nonsense on us.

If he really thinks that the education system is to blame then how about a call to end all faith based schools? If we're going to end this multiculturalism nightmare, then the schools seem to me an ideal place to start.

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