Friday, August 25, 2006

Pakistan - "Honour" murders

Lovely religion, Islam.

KARACHI: Five people, including a teenaged couple that married against their families’ will, have been killed by relatives in the latest incident of honour killing, police said on Thursday. The couple – Kamalan and Allah Rakhio – both 18 and from rival clans in the southern province of Sindh, had married about three months ago after eloping, said Usman Subaho, a police officer investigating the case. “They were killed just a few days after returning to their village, after getting married in Karachi,” he said. “We have identified 10 men who took part in this carnage and are hunting for them,” he said. The girl’s family took her wedding as a slight on their honour. The attackers stormed the couple’s house early on Wednesday morning killing them and three other family members including a three-year-old girl, said Subaho. Eleven family members were wounded in the attack, he said. Reuters

This from the religion the Left love so much.

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