Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Africa - Mbeki criticises US over Zimbabwe

The BBC reports "South African President Thabo Mbeki has said the US was wrong to describe Zimbabwe as an "outpost of tyranny".

The US decision to place Zimbabwe alongside Cuba, Belarus, Burma, Iran and North Korea in a list of tyrannical states was "an exaggeration", he said.

The US and EU accuse Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe of election rigging and human rights abuses.

Well Mr. Mbeki what do you have to say about this.

Media forced to flee Zimbabwe

The raids and subsequent threats of arrest were seen as an attempt ahead of the March 31 parliamentary elections to silence the foreign media, one of the last independent voices remaining in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe forced the country's only independent daily newspaper, the Daily News, to close last year despite court orders that it be allowed to reopen.

All other broadcast news and daily newspapers in the country are controlled by the state.

Sounds like an "outpost of tyranny" to me.

Notice which story the BBC run?

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