Tuesday, February 22, 2005

London Mayor - National Disgrace

Red Ken is still refusing to apologize for calling a Jewish reporter a concentration camp guard. Bunny takes a look at Komedy Ken. I like this bit.

He said that if the reporter had been offended by his remarks he was "in the wrong job".

This is after Ken has tried to excuse himself by saying:

Pursuing me along the pavement thrusting your tape recorder at me whilst repeatedly barking the same question when I had clearly indicated I did not wish to be interviewed by you is not acceptable behaviour by you or any other journalist.

While I have some sympathy for Ken here, the obvious retort arises that if he's offended by this sort of thing, then he's in the wrong job.

Indeed he is.

Bunny had an earlier post that ended with this:

Sue Carroll from The Mirror says:

Imagine this. Robert Kilroy-Silk emerges from a meeting of his political party Veritas (held in a phone box, probably) and is harassed by an Arab reporter.Kilroy loses his rag and tells the journalist he's no better than a Hamas suicide bomber.

Do you think there would be the same non-reaction from Labour and the race relations industry as the deafening silence following Mayor Ken Livingstone's outburst directed at a Jewish reporter from London's Evening Standard, who Livingstone likened to a "German war criminal" and accused of behaving like "a concentration camp guard"?

No, I don't.

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