Friday, February 18, 2005

Jihad - Ways to Fight It

Daniel Pipes has some idea.

(4) Engage in research. This is the new element. There are some remarkable stories of private individuals becoming learned in the ways of radical Islam and their activities have led to all sorts of important results, including the arrest of an apparent terrorist, discrediting an expert witness, canceling an official reception, shutting down a conference, and closing an Internet site. I advise researchers to focus on their geographic area – a city, a region, a university, or (in the case of small ones) a country. There is an unending need to look critically at Muslim institutions and individuals, so as to distinguish the extremists from the moderates, the enemies from the allies.

Or to put it more starkly, Rita Katz of the SITE Institute says in the current issue of Newsweek, "Almost every [Islamist] Web site has a section on how to do jihad over the Internet" and these advise would-be holy warriors: "If you can't do jihad physically, do it on the Internet." The same applies to counterterrorists.

I would add, learn Islam's war plan and then counter their tactics where ever you find them being employed.

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