Friday, February 18, 2005

Terror Attacks - Dozens Foiled

Radio Netherlands reports "Since 11 September 2001, at least 15 major terrorist attacks have been prevented in Europe, according to a Norwegian research institute."

But some say the number could be 20 to 30.

In another reaction to the Norwegian estimate, terrorism expert Glenn Schoen, of the US security firm 'Transecur', pointed out that the number of foiled terrorist attacks could be elevated to 20 or even 30 depending on the definition of "major attack".

Higher estimates

More specifically, he listed five thwarted attacks in France and an equal number in Spain, three each in Germany and Britain, and one in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Added up, the total would be 19, four more than estimated by the Norwegian research body.

And those 19 are only cases about which the authorities has chosen to release details. The real number must therefore be higher, somewhere between 20 and 30, according to Mr Schoen.

Sooner or later one will succeed.

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