Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Interpol sounds bio-terror alarm

The BBC is reporting:

The world is ill prepared for the looming threat of a biological terror attack, the head of Interpol has said.

Ronald Noble told the BBC the danger of an al-Qaeda attack has not diminished since the 9/11 strikes on the US.

Well what happened to your program that claimed there is no such thing as a world wide terrorists organization? You liked your program so much you replayed it. Something change your mind Auntie?

The head of the global police body also denied governments had played up the risks for political gain.

"I don't think it is the sounding of false alarms," Mr Noble said, citing recent evidence. "I think the alarm is real and it is continuing to ring."

What do you have to say for yourself Auntie? That was one of your major claims, wasn't it - governments sounding false alarms for political gain?

What are the odds the BBC run that program (sorry forgot the name) just before the UK elections - for political gain?

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