Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Europe vs America

Mark Steyn and Gerard Baker have some thoughts.

First, Mark Steyn

America and Europe both face security threats. But the difference is America's are external, and require hard choices in tough neighbourhoods around the world, while the EU's are internal and, as they see it, unlikely to be lessened by the sight of European soldiers joining the Great Satan in liberating, say, Syria. That's not exactly going to help keep the lid on the noisier Continental mosques.

Now, Gerard Baker.

These differences are not just awkward, inconvenient blots on an otherwise pleasant landscape of Atlantic unity. They are great, ugly cleavages in basic perceptions, strategy, and policy. The Bush administration remains committed to revolutionary change throughout the world and, just as the Reagan administration did, believes America's security is inextricably tied up with the advance of liberty well beyond its borders. Europeans, meanwhile, are ever more staunch in their defense of the status quo, however unfree that may leave people. Stability, not liberty, is their aim.

Now contrast that with this from The BBC.

US President George Bush is in Europe on a trip to try to heal some of the rifts that marked his first term.

No he's not, nor should he be. Bush is in Europe to show there are no hard feelings and you can still join us if you want. That won't happen except for a token gesture such as NATO training Iraqi troops - outside Iraq.

What happens, say in a few years time, with Afghanistan and Iraq liberated, Lebanon, Syria and Iran are free and the Israel/Palestinian conflict is resolved?

What happens when, during that same time Europe has swollen with fanatical Islamic fundamentalists, war breaks out in Europe? What happens then?

Think it can't happen? The Dutch are already involved in a war with Islamic fundamentalist and have some members of the government locked up for safety. That's right, the terrorists are free and the government is locked up. The Dutch are trying the Madrid maneuver and are pulling out of Iraq. Appeasement never works.

But there you have it. Train wrecks are ugly but you just can't help watching, can you?


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