Monday, February 21, 2005

Canada - Canadians Love Fox News

Well, some do.

Yes, friends, through Starchoice I've become a devotee of Fox News, ( the most popular all-news TV network in the U.S., and the one the Liberal-dominated Canadian Radio-telecommunications and Television Commission (CRTC) tried to prevent Canadians from watching.

Why? Because it openly gives a voice to conservative commentators rather than the Lib-Left establishment. And, naturally, the thought-control police of the Jean Chretien/Paul Martin regimes can't tolerate anything that doesn't walk the official Lib-Left line. [...]

Whatever, for years Canadians were forbidden to watch Fox News -- Big Brother saw to that -- but the CRTC made one huge error. It gave the green light to the Islamic terrorists' favourite network, al-Jazeera, to pipe its anti-America drivel into Canadian minds, and with that, the charade that there wasn't enough room for another all-news channel fell through.

With Fox News, talk radio and bloggers growing world wide, more and more the truth is getting out. Dan Rather (CBS), Eason Jordon (CNN) and John Simpson (BBC) found out the hard way.

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