Monday, February 21, 2005

Wall Street Journalist Busted

for snatching laptop time.

John Fund, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, got caught snatching laptop time on other peoples laptops - bloggers laptops no less! Crosswalk has photos to prove it.

The incident provided a glimpse into the techincal savvy of such jorunalists. Hint: not good.

As Cox began closing the browsers that Fund had left open on the laptop, a small window opened alerting Cox, or whoever else might have seen it - that they were still logged in - to the Dow Jones servers as an admin user for the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to that Fund had left his access to Outlook Mail opened with his full lists of e-mail waiting and ready to be read. To Cox and the rest of the bloggers' credit - none was accessed. We can reveal though that one of the e-mail subject lines read "Smokin' Hot Dancer".

This raises an interesting question. Since Fund left his email open on someone elses computer while using it without their permission, were they entitiled to read them? I don't know but after the way MSM treat bloggers, I wish they had.

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