Saturday, February 19, 2005

Iraq - George Galloway is a Buffoon

Call a spade, a spade, I say: George Galloway is a buffoon.

Here is pretty Boy George (not to be confused with the real(?) Boy George), crying in his oil that his murderous pals are not still in power in Iraq.

THE estimable Iain Macwhirter (February 2) is seriously mistaken if he thinks last weekend's "election" in Iraq was free, fair or democratic.

Well gee George, your pals in the UN seem to think so.

17 February 2005 – With today's announcement of final election results, the Iraqi people have shown the world that they were really up to the occasion and that made this process an immense success, the chief United Nations election expert in the country said.


The Council pledged full UN support for a federal, democratic, pluralist and unified Iraq as the new legislators face the challenges of writing the constitution and holding new elections for a permanent assembly and government by the end of the year.

Pretty boy George is so upset that his pal Saddam is gone that he begins to lose the plot.

The most popular parties in Iraq were either banned from participating or chose to boycott the process – as did more than three-quarters of Iraqi voters living abroad and thus beyond any intimidation, and more than half of the voters in Iraq.

Where to begin? This paragraph is so full of bullshit you'd need a ton of The Heralds to clean it up.

The Shites make up over 60% of the population so the "most popular parties" were not banned. Not all the Sunnis boycotted the elections and even among those that did many were threatened. It's call voter intimidation George.

As for expat Iraqis voting, the voting process was hastily set up after a last minute decision to let expats vote. Even then they had few places to vote, had to travel long distances and had to make the trip twice. Notice the "beyond any intimidation" part. Asshat George ignores the fact that many expats have relatives still living in Iraq. Some of those who wanted to vote expressed fear of reprisal for their loved ones back home if their registration details leaked out.

George is so distraught he can't even count. What's up with this "more than half of the voters in Iraq, George?" Are you calling The Times a liar?

Fifty-eight per cent of registered voters, 8.456 million people, turned out for the vote.

Got that pretty boy? 58%

The rest of Galloway's rant is pure bullshit; no surprise there considering the source.

Even Galloway's constituents are getting fed up with this buffoon. Eric the Unread posts a letter from one who is fed up with pretty boy.

As the UN oil for food scandal probe continues I hope they find enough evidence to put pretty boy in a cell where they appreciate pretty boys.

Hat tip The Cabarfedih Page.


I had read that the Sunni's regretted their decision regarding the elections and tried to find it via google. I should have read further down The Cabarfeidh Page.

Pretty boy should read his own propaganda machine, The Guardian.

"Our view is that this election was a step towards democracy and ending the occupation," said Ayad al-Samaray, the assistant general secretary of the Iraqi Islamic party. He said unnamed Sunni leaders blundered in depicting the election as a deepening of the occupation.

You see pretty boy, even the Sunnis disagree with you. Come to think of it, other than like minded moonbats, does anybody agree with you?

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