Friday, February 18, 2005

BBC - Enemy of the State

My regular readers are well aware of my loathing for the BBC. I have a permanent link, The case against the BBC, which I update regularly, on the top left of the page.

Discover the Network does a great job of documenting the national disgrace the BBC has become. It is truly sad to see this once great organization reduced to a blubbering left wing jihadist propaganda machine.

Some snippets from Discover the Network and thanks to commenter JohninLondon for the link.

But when Prime Minister Blair and President George W. Bush worked as allies to remove terrorist-supporting Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the BBC responded by slanting its reporting heavily against the military effort, exaggerating British casualties, and giving airtime to every politician and anti-war activist who criticized Mr. Blair.

BBC reports from Iraq became so out-of-kilter that even its own defense correspondent at the coalition command center in Qatar, Paul Adams, filed an internal BBC
memo that leaked and was reported in the Labourite newspaper The Guardian:

“I was gobsmacked to hear, in a set of headlines today, that the coalition was suffering ‘significant casualties.’ This is simply not true,” wrote Adams. “Nor is it true to say – as the same intro stated – that coalition forces are fighting ‘guerrillas.’ It may be guerrilla warfare, but they are not guerrillas….”

“Who dreamed up the line that the coalition are achieving ‘small victories at a very high price?’ The truth,” wrote Adams, “is exactly the opposite. The gains are huge and costs still relatively low. This is real warfare, however one-sided, and losses are to be expected.”

BBC reporting so heavily played on the theme of British soldiers wounded and killed in Iraq that in March 2003 the BBC felt compelled to
promise more sensitivity to the feelings of soldier family members back home, and that it would show no more footage of seriously injured soldiers.

As a reflection of the bias of its reporters, in February 2003 the BBC had to
order some of its top news anchors and reporters not to participate in an anti-war march. Junior BBC staff was permitted to participate as anti-war activists, but then-Director General of the BBC Greg Dyke urged the staff to remain “independent, impartial and honest.”

The flagship of the Royal Navy is the HMS Ark Royal. Its crew in the Persian Gulf became so disgusted with the one-sided anti-war slant of the BBC that they tuned their television sets to Sky News.

The BBC admit, though not publicly, that they are doing a terrible job.

The scrutiny this case focused on the BBC revealed that such bad journalism was common. The London Telegraph obtained other internal BBC memos and emails. In them, one of BBC’s “most senior news managers,” Hugh Berlyn, criticized BBC’s news reports as untrustworthy, littered with errors, inaccurate and potentially libelous because the corporation’s journalists frequently fail to check their facts, and because BBC often broadcasts these stories without oversight by an editor.

The BBC's hatred of America was made clear during the last US presidential elections.

As to its view of capitalism and the United States, the BBC’s choice of commentators for its coverage of the American election in 2004 spoke volumes. One of the only Americans chosen to explain the U.S. elections to the British people was hatchet-man and propagandist for Democratic President Bill Clinton’s Administration Sidney Blumenthal. Another was Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The third was former Central Intelligence Agency director (and this panel’s only moderate) James Woolsey. The fourth was a self-identified hater of President Bush, Daddy Warbucks for leftwing organizations supporting Democratic candidate Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, and billionaire financier whose hostile currency speculation in the British Pound led him to be known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” George Soros. The fifth and final American election commentator chosen by the BBC was anti-Bush documentarian and radical Michael Moore. This is how the BBC fulfills its charter requirements for “impartiality” and a “respect for truth.”

All of which has led the BBC to become an enemy of the state. Melanie Phillips notes:

Britain is gripped by an unprecedented degree of irrationality, prejudice and hysteria over the issues of Iraq, the terrorist jihad and Israel. All three are intimately linked; all three, however, are thought by public opinion to be linked in precisely the wrong way. This is because all three have been systematically misreported, distorted and misrepresented through a lethal combination of profound ignorance, political malice and ancient prejudices. [...]

The public has been grossly misled by the British media, and falsehoods have become accepted as fact, so much so that any statement of actual facts which undermine this mindset are excised from the debate altogether.

Islam has declared war on the world and one of its most potent weapons is the BBC - enemy of the state.

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