Monday, February 21, 2005

Iran - The "Iraq Effect"

Earlier today I posted about "Lebanon - Beirut protesters denounce Syria".

I called this the "Iraq effect" because the Lebanese, like the Syrians and Iranians, had to watch as expat Iraqis voted in their first free and fair elections.

Looks like the "Iraq effect" is being felt in Iran.

Tehran, Feb. 21 – Heavy clashes between Iranian Kurds and security agents erupted on Friday in three towns in western Iran, leaving dozens injured and hundreds arrested.

Clashes broke out after State Security Forces agents used force to disperse demonstrations taking place simultaneously in the towns of Sardasht, Saqqez, and Baneh in protest against severe fuel shortages in the area, eye-witnesses reported.


The demonstators fought back against the SSF.

The demonstrations quickly turned violent as protestors fought back and shouted slogans against Iran's ruling clerics.

In Sardasht, residents came to the aid of protestors during clashes as the SSF attempted to arrest anyone in the vicinity of the demonstration. At least 200 people, mostly youths, were arrested.

In Saqqez, residents reportedly forced SSF agents to flee the scene after serious scuffles.

Suddenly everyone wants democracy. Now I wonder why that could be?

Come on Iran, you can do it.

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