Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bali - JI training in chemical weapons

According to this report.

TERRORISTS linked to the group blamed for the Bali bombings are being trained in the use of chemical weapons that can cause widespread death and destruction.

Terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna has warned that the authorities have proof Jemaah Islamiah has been training its operatives in chemical warfare.

Dr Gunaratna said authorities had recovered a training manual from the home of a senior JI leader instructing terrorists on how to develop and launch an attack with the deadly chemical, hydrogen cyanide.

"The chemicals and biological agents discussed in the manual were similar to those that al-Qa'ida had been experimenting with and producing in laboratories in Afghanistan," Dr Gunaratna said. "Al-Qa'ida has conducted experiments on dogs and rabbits exposing them to the fumes and forcing them to die harrowing deaths."

This will get the civil rights people in a twist.

Mr Keelty said yesterday one of the breakthroughs from this week's conference was the launch of a web-based criminal database linking member nations and the Interpol database. He said the database would allow authorities to track the movements of criminals and terrorists throughout the region.


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