Wednesday, May 17, 2006

US - CNN "accidents" mounting

The day after CNN "accidentally" broadcast President Bush rehearsing his speech on immigration - the only network to do so - the network has been caught in another "accident" over NSA's data mining program. Check out these screen shots and note their date/time stamps. The first is at 1627 GMT.

Nearly four hours later and the headline on the CNN Politics page reads this:

And after 14 hours, a Google search has this:

Back in Novemeber 2005, CNN broadcast the Vice President's speech with a black X through his image. When callers complained, CNN responded:

In it, a male voice is clearly heard to say that the X overlaid on Vice President Dick Cheney's face during the broadcast of his speech to the American Enterprise Institute on 11-21-05 was an exercise of CNN's "freedom of speech." The unidentified man added, "Tell Bush and Cheney to stop lying," as well as other inflammatory attacks on the President and the Vice President.

The CNN employee on the phone was fired but whoerver was responsible for broadcasting the X wasn't.

CBS fired Dan Rather over his use of forged documents in an attempt to smear Bush, CNN needs to fire whoever is responsible for these repeated "accidents".

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