Friday, May 26, 2006

UK - BBC misleads on alleged CIA flights

No surprise there is there? As usual with the BBC, they intentionally leave out important information that refutes the story. Now, why do you suppose that is?

Here's how the BBC try and pull the wool over your eyes.

The government insists there is no evidence of secret prisoner flights.

But allegations about the so-called "renditions" have continued.

It's not just the "government insists there is no evidence". Two seperate EU investigations found the same thing.

BRUSSELS -- Investigations into reports that US agents shipped prisoners through European airports to secret detention centers have produced no evidence of illegal CIA activities, the European Union's antiterrorism coordinator said yesterday.

The investigations also have not turned up any proof of secret renditions of terror suspects on EU territory, Gijs de Vries told a European Parliament committee investigating the allegations.

So who is making the "allegations"?

But so far investigators have not identified any human rights violations, despite more than 50 hours of testimony by human rights activists and individuals who said they were abducted by US intelligence agents, de Vries said.

''We've heard all kinds of allegations, impressions; we've heard also refutations. It's up to your committee to weigh if they are true. It does not appear to be proven beyond reasonable doubt," he said. ''There has not been, to my knowledge, evidence that these illegal renditions have taken place."
See here.

And there is no evidence of so called secret prisons.

STRASBOURG, France, Jan. 24 - An inquiry by the Council of Europe into allegations that the C.I.A. has operated secret detention centers in Eastern Europe has turned up no evidence that such centers ever existed, though the leader of the inquiry, Dick Marty, said there are enough "indications" to justify continuing the investigation.

Where does Mr. Marty get his "indications" from?

Drawing from news reports, Mr. Marty contended that "more than a hundred" detainees have been moved anonymously and illegally through Europe under the program.
See here.

"Drawing from news reports"!!!

I would imagine some of those news reports came from the BBC.

If this story is worth reporting by the BBC, they owe it to the public to tell the whole story.

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