Sunday, May 21, 2006

UK - Europe: Facing the terror of Fidel Castro's Cuba

VACLAV HAVEL writes in the Scotsman.

Who better than Europeans, who brought communism to life, exported it to the world, and then paid dearly for it over many decades, know about the torments inflicted upon the Cuban people?

Humanity will pay the price for communism until such a time as we learn to stand up to it with all political responsibility and decisiveness.

EU states meet in June to review policy on Cuba. They should weigh up the consequences of accommodating Castro and show they will not ignore his practices or neglect the suffering of prisoners of conscience. We must not forget seemingly anonymous victims of Castro's "acts of rejection".

Tell that to London's mad mayor, Red Ken Livingstone, who wrote this in the Guardian.

"In order for me to perform a U-turn on inviting Fidel Castro to London (Diary, March 1), I would first have had to invite him. Of course, if Castro came to London he would be an honoured guest."
Ken Livingstone
London mayor

And tell it to Castro loving MP George Galloway.

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