Friday, May 19, 2006

UK laws are biased, say most Muslims

This survey says "An overwhelming majority of Muslims believe that British laws are biased and that the country's legal system is unfair..."

It would be interesting to know which laws they think are biased and unfair.

The government has amended the tax laws and created Islamic mortgages for Muslims. And they were considering a change to allow Muslims to leave their estate to up to four wives in accordance with Islamic law. Instead, the govenment is shutting down so called "trusts" that Muslims use to get around the law and leave their estate to four wives; even though having more than one is illegal.

We are given a hint at their complaints.

Three quarters of respondents to a qualitative questionnaire stated that the British legal system was unfair and cited reasons such as anti-terrorism legislation and practices and double- standards.

It would be helpful to know what those practices and double standards are. For instance, police already have to take their shoes off when entering a Muslim home, must be careful not to raid a Muslim house during prayer time and are not allowed to use bomb sniffing dogs so as not to offend Muslims.

Every judicial system could use some improvements but it's hard to know what to improve if you don't know what the complaints are.

An earlier survey showed that 40% of Muslims in the UK want Islamic law adopted as the law of the land. The government, in some cases, is bending over backwards to make that happen.

That's what this is really all about - turning Britain into an Islamic state.

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