Tuesday, May 16, 2006

UK - The Left selling out to terrorism

Gerard Henderson writing in the Sydney Morning Herald.

WHAT a turnout of leftist luvvies. The Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, was in London last weekend. The highest profile member of the Fidel Castro fan club was greeted with acclaim by many members of the British left, including the London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, the actor Vanessa Redgrave and the playwright Harold Pinter along with members of the Labour Friends of Venezuela. This group doubles up as Labour opponents of Britain's social democratic Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

It so happens that Castro persecutes Cuban intellectuals and homosexuals alike. You might expect that the likes of Livingstone, Pinter and Redgrave and left-wing Labour MPs such as Jeremy Corbyn would be embarrassed associating with the Castro-lover Chavez. But, no.

They dislike Blair and George Bush so much that all are too willing to make a commitment to a Latin American left-winger who has described the US President as an "arsehole" and depicted the British Prime Minister as "the main ally of Hitler".

It is of no concern to the British left that their latest hero supports a communist dictator or that he wants to use Venezuelan oil reserves to strike against such Western democracies as Britain and the US. To some, at least, alienation is thicker than blood.


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