Thursday, May 18, 2006

US - Muslims suppress criticism via courts

For those Muslims that speak out against Islam's abuses in foreign lands the punishment can be harsh - even death. That is not the case in America. But that doesn't stop Muslims from trying to silence their critics, be they Muslim or not.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which masquerades as a Muslim civil rights group but in fact has close links to terrorists, uses American courts to try and silence its critics. Fortunately, CAIR has recently lost two, what should have been, high profile cases. See here and here. CAIR's Canada arm recently lost a similar suit.

These are not the last we will see of such suits as Muslims try and silence any criticism of Islam. Jeff Jacoby reports on the lastest attempts by Muslims to silence their critics in Boston.

But if anything should raise eyebrows, it is the decision of the Islamic Society to pursue Mansour for his comments about the ISB at a press conference in 2004. He had gone to pray at the ISB's current mosque in Cambridge, and described at the press conference what he had observed: "I am here to testify that this radical culture is here, inside this society," he said. He had seen "Arabic-language newsletters filled with hatred against the United States." Books and videos in the mosque's library promoted "fanatical beliefs that insult other people's religions." A religious man who prays five times daily, he stressed that he was "not against the mosque. . . . I'm against extremists."

That's what they fear most, exposing what is really taught in Mosques. Time and again and around the world we learn of the hate being preached in Mosques. Let's hope Mansour wins his day in court.

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