Tuesday, May 16, 2006

French Intifada: A Clear and Present Danger

"The state is dead." says Author and philosopher Gilles William Goldnadel.

CBN.com – PARIS -- 2006 could prove to be a very dangerous year for Europe, especially for France.

Jacques Chirac may have thought that opposing America and Israel would keep France safe from terror, but it has not.

Christmas Eve 1994, seven years before 9-11, Islamic terrorists from Algeria tried to fly an Airbus into the Eiffel Tower. They were stopped by French commandos at an airport in Marseilles, where the terrorists were waiting on a full load of jet fuel. They had already packed the plane with dynamite.

Europe has lived under the threat of Islamic terror far longer than the United States, but it has largely been in a state of denial, as high immigrant birthrates from Muslim nations turn Europe into Eurabia, and Islamic terrorism becomes a homegrown product.

Goldnadel says that the traditional state has given way to a leftist fantasy.

"In the quasi-religious system that I have described, the foreigner is kind of an ideal martyr, and the white European native is like an ideal devil,” Goldnadel remarked. “The national state is demonized, and is seen as anachronistic -- old-fashioned.”

After years of making jokes about the American-led war on terror, the terror threat to France is now said to be high, with the media reporting that Islamic terrorists have smuggled surface-to-air missiles into Europe to shoot down French planes.

Cozying up to the Arab and Muslim world against George W. Bush was supposed to prevent the rioting from happening, but the November riots should not have surprised any Frenchman who was paying attention.

Read the whole thing and substitute Britain for France.

Most Britons are unaware that Muslim terrorists were foiled from flying planes into Parliament on 9/11.


A reader requested a link to the foiled 9/11 attack on Parliament. The link is here and includes a link to what happened to the Muslim terrorist behind the foiled attack.

Here's a link to the foiled Sarin gas attack on Parliament.

Thanks to the BBC censoring almost any mention of Muslims and terrorists, most in Britain are unaware of the threat.

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