Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Iraq - 40 terrorists killed, 13 captured

More good news.

One area the coalition is getting much better at, is gaining intelleignece from one battle and immediately acting on it to kill more terrorists.

Intelligence officials identified several other areas connected to Abu Mustafa's cell members. Coalition troops assaulted three of those sites, located about six kilometers north of where Abu Mustafa had been killed the day before. Upon arrival at the first site, coalition forces engaged more than 15 al Qaeda terrorists who were attempting to establish defensive positions or escape. Coalition forces confirmed 14 suspected terrorists were killed and also discovered Abu Mustafa's body, which had been moved to this new site.

Good news MSM don't want you to know about.


Here's another good example of acting quickly on newly gained intelligence.

The combined three-day operation netted more than 200 suspected insurgents.

“We have been finding evidence that this place has been used to train insurgents,” Graham said. “We conducted a detailed search, detained suspicious individuals, and (used) the intelligence that we got from them, which resulted in follow-on operations on day two.”

Searches yielded propaganda materials, rifles and videos. Iraqi Soldiers also gathered names of potential threats from the detainees nabbed during the operation.

“We have found some smaller caches and have captured more than 10 men who we found to be part of Tahiwed and Jihad [insurgent groups],” said Lt. Col. Musab Josif, 1st Bn., 1st Bde., 4th IA Div. “The best thing we had during the mission is good cooperation between the Iraqi and American Soldiers. They worked together as one team.”

The partnership between Iraqi Army and coalition forces was one of the many successes of the mission.

“The Iraqi Army is becoming more and more competent in the planning and execution of missions,” Graham said. “In regards to that, they are very capable of doing their own tactical operations and reacting to intelligence.”


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