Friday, May 26, 2006

UK - Muslim: "I’m going to bring this country down."

So says "Rashad Akhtar, a twenty-seven-year-old British Muslim".

"I’m not talking about Muslims in the Park Royal vicinity, or in the U.K. I’m talking about globally. Everyone who sees this is going to be offended..." [...]

"I am going to try my best in life, so that these people do not operate in a single Muslim country again, so that we get an apology to every single Muslim on this planet in their language, in their country, on a national TV station:" [...]

"They chuck it away. That is disrespectful. Don’t throw it away. Keep it as evidence. A reminder of what these people are doing every single day of our lives. " [...]

"I feel humiliated. I want to humiliate the person who did this to an extent that he never works again. I’m going to make him see that it was the biggest mistake in his life. I want to meet the guy. I want to ask the guy, “What does this mean to you?” then never see his face again.

In a way, I’m glad he did this to me. It has opened my eyes. The fear of God, the love of God, the love of not letting anyone disrespect God. Even though it means nothing to some people and may mean nothing to some Muslims in this country, this is my jihad. I’m not going to rest until I find the person who is responsible. I’m going to bring this country down. "

So, what's got this British Muslim so "humiliated" that he embarks on jihad and says "I'm going to bring this country down."? An ice cream cone. I'm not joking. Here's the offending cone.

Notice a couple of things? You have to turn the cone sideways, you have to be able to read arabic and even then you have to use your imagination.

But Burger King caved in and withdrew the offending cone. Just another step in the Islamization of Britain.

Well, I for one, choose to fight back. So, here are the Muhammad cartoons.


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