Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lebanon - BBC continues Hezbollah propaganda

The BBC continues its propaganda for Hezbollah.

Hezbollah fired more than 100 rockets into Israel during the day, but no casualties were reported.

See, there just crude rockets that don't hurt anyone as opposed to Israel's military might. What the BBC doesn't tell you is that Hezbollah has been forced into firing their rockets into one area of Israel. One that has been virtually abondoned after many were killed by these rockets.

The BBC goes on...

Lebanese Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat told the BBC he did not understand why Israel was continuing its offensive when Lebanon's government - with the agreement of Hezbollah - had offered to deploy troops in the south.

"We have a real proposal, two days ago, to send the Lebanese army there to make a real peace zone," he said.

"So we didn't understand their reply. They really want war."

Well gee, let's see, that would be the same Lebanese government that, for years, allowed Hezbollah to build up men and arms for the attack they carried out on Israel. An attack which started the whole war in the first place.

This war could be ended today. All Hezbollah has to do is quit firing rockets into Israel and disarm - as UN resolution 1555 calls for. Why do we need another resolution when we've already got one that Israel abided by?

The BBC save the best Hezbollah propaganda for last.

More than 1,000 people, most of them civilians, have been killed in the month-old conflict, the Lebanese government has said.

More than 100 Israelis, most of them soldiers, have also died.

How many of those 1000 people are Hezbollah fighters? Propably the majority.

The Lebanese govenment bears a lot of responsibilty for what's going on for allowing Hezbollah to blend into civilian areas. Further, the Lebanese army is letting Hezbollah continue to fight from within civilian areas.

But heh, both the Lebanese government and Hezbollah know they can count on the BBC to put their propaganda out.


More BBC propaganda.

This BBC starts out framing the Israelis as the aggressors with this headline: "Israel's offensive one month on " The first paragraph does mention that this is all Hezbollah's fault, but the headline is designed to plant the idea that Israel is the aggressor. An idea the BBC hammers home in the report.

Next, the BBC set up a classic David versus Goliath scenario.

It pits the region's most powerful and technologically advanced army against a small, lightly-armed guerrilla force galvanised by a taste for engagement with the enemy and martyrdom.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Hezbollah is heavily armed and trained by Syria and Iran. They may not be a match for Israel but they are certainly not just a "lightly armed guerrilla force".

The propaganda continues.

Fighting has been fierce and bombs have continued to rain down on both civilian populations.

The difference is, Hezbollah are deliberately targeting civilians. An important fact the BBC leave out as usual.

On goes the BBC propaganda machine...

Meanwhile, international diplomacy has been powerless to halt the killing, as a humanitarian catastrophe looms in Lebanon.

What about the humanitarian catastrophe in Israel? Tens of thousands of refugees with whole towns abondoned and the BBC says nary a word about them. Why should they? The whole point of this BBC propaganda war is to paint Israel as the bad guy and Hezbollah as the victims.

The BBC leave no doubt as to who they want to see win this war.

But if Israel's goal was to free its soldiers and scotch the shower of unguided missiles fired at it by Hezbollah, it has failed.

In fact, the Katyusha salvoes have hit more and more frequently and deeper into Israel, unchecked by the massive air power used to combat them.

Really? But the BBC just told us:

Hezbollah fired more than 100 rockets into Israel during the day, but no casualties were reported.

What the BBC isn't telling you is that Israel has now forced Hezbollah into one area from which to fire their rockets and they are landing in an Israeli town that has been abondoned for now.

The BBC continue to hammer home the idea that Israel is the bad guy in all of this.

It also seems inevitable that the punishment meted out across Lebanon, aside from the onslaught faced by Hezbollah, will continue and increase.

"Punishment"??? Israel is attacking Hezbollah targets not punishing Lebanon. This could all stop today if Hezbollah would disarm or if the Lebanese army would do its job and get rid of Hezbollah. Strangely, the BBC fails to mention that.

The BBC - the new Pravda.

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