Monday, August 07, 2006

Lebanon - Photogate: AFP joins in

This is getting out of hand.

Check out these two photographs, one from Reuters and one from AFP.

First, this one from AFP.

Here's the caption for the picture.

Tyre, LEBANON: Rockets fired from Israel are seen falling in the outskirts of the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre, 06 August 2006. AFP PHOTO/SAMUEL ARANDA

This looks more like rockets being launched than ones falling. That's based on the videos I've seen of Hezbollah rocket launches.

Reuters seems to agree.

Here's the caption for the Reuters photograph.

Hizbollah missiles streak the sky as they are launched towards Israel from south Lebanon August 6, 2006. (Morteza Nikoubazl/Reuters)

Notice also the credit for the two pictures goes to two different photographers but they look like the exact same photo to me. One just has the buildings in the foreground cropped out. Was that done to disguise the fact that they are the same photo.

Notice the AFP photo has what looks like fire at what would be the site of "impact" or, as in the case of Reuters version, the launch site. Did AFP add some fire to make it look like rockets landing?

Someone's got some explaining to do.


DFH has more.

Note this caption from one of the links he provides.

Tyre, LEBANON: Katyusha rockets are fired from the outskirts of the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre into Israel, 06 August 2006. Israel's army will carry on fighting Hezbollah in southern Lebanon until two soldiers, whose capture sparked the conflict last month, are returned, its ambassador to Washington said today. EDS NOTE: CORRECTING DIRECTION OF SHELLING. AFP PHOTO/SAMUEL ARANDA (Photo credit should read SAMUEL ARANDA/AFP/Getty Images)


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