Wednesday, August 09, 2006

UK - 13 Terror attacks averted

in the last 6 years. An average of 2 per year.

The thirteen foiled suspected international terrorist plots include one in November 2000, four in 2003, two in 2004, four in 2005 and two this year. The suspected plots this year do not include the police raid in Forest Gate, East London, conducted on June 2 after an intelligence tip-off raised fears that there was a chemical device in a house. Nothing was found. [Er, not quite true. One of the Muslim men has been arrested on child pornography charges]

The suspected plots also do not include a mass of overheard and uncovered conspiracies still in full flow with which the security services are trying to keep pace as more intelligence is gleaned daily.

During a meeting in May with relatives of the victims of the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings, John Reid, the Home Secretary, revealed that there were about twenty “major conspiracies” by Islamic terrorists being monitored by the security services.

When, not if.

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