Tuesday, May 02, 2006

UK - Exposing BBC experts: Juan Cole

The BBC uses some curious experts. Paul Reynolds and John Simpson simply love Juan Cole and use him as there go to man on the Middle East. Here's the search results for Juan Cole on the BBC website.

So, who is he? A far left wing professor who routinely gets caught out fabricating stories and getting it entirely wrong. My favorite quote of his was that the 7/7 London Muslim terrorists most certainly were not British. They were.

Let's take a closer look.

Here Cole rewrites history. Read the whole thing and note that when Cole gets caught out, he stealth edits his remarks to fix his "mistake". Bloggers are too smart for that now and we have the tools to save or recover the originals.

Here's a long list of Cole's "mistakes".

When caught Cole tried to enlist the far left, "screw them" Kos, site to try and dig up dirt on his opponents.

Others have noticed Cole's problems with the facts.

Even some Muslims don't think too highly of Cole.

So why does the BBC, especially Reynolds and Simpson, make Cole their go to man on the Middle East? Because he fits their left wing agenda.

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