Monday, May 01, 2006

US - Sami al-Arian sentenced for being innocent

Well that's what MSM would have you believe. Jihad Watch has the story.

Note some of the quotes from MSM.

AP - "Although a jury did not convict..." and "The failure to convict al-Arian was a stinging rebuke for the federal government..."

And yet Sami got 4 1/2 years! Why the injustice of it all.

You have to dig to find out that Sami pled guilty and specifically admitted that he was pleading guilty because he is, in fact, guilty!

Read the whole thing.


Here's what the judge had to say in sentencing Sami.

In his ruling, Moody harshly criticized al-Arian for doing nothing to stop bombings perpetrated by Islamic Jihad.

"You lifted not one finger. To the contrary, you laughed when you heard of the bombings," he said.

"You are a master manipulator. The evidence is clear in this case. you were a leader of the PIJ."

Now, will all those leftist who came to Smai's defense admit they were wrong? Not bloody likely.

More here.

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