Thursday, May 19, 2005

America - BBC Defends Galloway

As expected The BBC fall all over themselves patting Galloway on the back. And as usual The BBC makes false claims.

Mr Galloway said the businessman had given money to the charity but he, Mr Galloway, had never known where it came from.

The senators believe that it came from Iraq, but they could come up with no proof and their questions ended.

That is absolutely false. The committee cited "contracts, letters and interviews with former Iraqi leaders".

Senate Subcommittee Report (pdf)

They also cite the Telegraph's evidence, evidence which has never been called into question. In fact, Galloway's lawyers never challenged the authenticity of the Telegraph's documents.

But in court Mr Galloway's legal team did not challenge the authenticity of The Daily Telegraph documents, which have been validated by forensic testing.

And the Court of Appeals ruled the Telegraph's documents were authentic.

Granting The Daily Telegraph permission to appeal, the Court of Appeal said the documents were "deemed to be authentic".

And contrary to Galloway' claims the two sets of documents are not the same. The Telegraph's are from 2000 and the Senate's are from 2001.

The evidence is strong enough that the Charities Commission is reopening their case against Galloway. And contrary to what Galloway claims, the Commisssion did not clear Galloway of wrongdoing.

Galloway kept no books or records of the Mariam appeal so the Commission concluded:

" light of the fact that the Appeal was closed and in view of the difficulties in obtaining the books and records of the Appeal, the Commission decided that it would not be proportionate to pursue its inquiries further."

They dropped the case but they did not clear Galloway.

The BBC should be ashamed of themselves for chapioning this terrorist loving Saddam supporter.

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