Thursday, May 19, 2005

America - Why should we respect the Koran?

Muslims don't respect the Bible so why should we respect the Koran?

Muslims used the Bible as toilet paper and they shred them in Saudi Arabia. Having a Bible in Saudi Arabia is a crime. So why do they hate the Bible so much?

According to author and Islam scholar Robert Spencer, "a devout Muslim might very well mistreat a Bible, because traditional Islamic theology regards it as a corrupted and unreliable version of the genuine revelations that were given to Moses, Jesus, and other Prophets."

Spencer noted that in sura 9:30 the Koran says those who believe Jesus is the Son of God are under Allah's curse.

"Throughout history, most Muslim theologians have held that the New Testament has been tampered with since it teaches that Jesus is the Son of God."

That's why. Well if that's the way they feel about the Bible who cares what others do to the Koran? I don't.

Their treatment of the Bible and other religions shows how hypocritical they are. The rioting and killing over the alleged Koran incident proves how unhinged these people are.

As Barbra Stock says "Stop Apologizing to Islam!".

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