Monday, May 23, 2005

Islam - What to do about it

This blog thinks they have the answer. But just like ALI AL-AHMED he misses the fundemental point that will doom all such notions. In order to change Islam you have to change the Koran and since Muslims believe the Koran is the very word of God they will never change it.

Here is what the blog says.

But all this is only a means to confuse the real and pressing issue facing the media, government and military. This issue is not who is most honest and who has what agenda, but what is to be done about Islam. No one from any institution of American life has as yet enunciated the dangers of failing to demand that Muslims the world over take control of their religion and either reform or eliminate those that would destroy a centuries-old spiritual path that boasts peaceful adherents in every country on earth, a tradition of scientific and cultural innovation and at least, a history of tolerance and peaceful respect of other religious practices.

When the president tosses yet another off-handed "Islam is Peace" remark he does no service to the thousands who have been slaughtered and oppressed so "peacefully." When the media refuses to use certain words (e.g. "terrorist") for fear of insulting Muslims and seeming to be on the side of the US government, thus inciting yet another Islamist riot, it hardly demonstrates an understanding of the stakes in this fight. Neither the government nor the media wish to call out the foe, no matter that that very same foe yells in our face each and every day what its intentions are.

We may be winning or losing this war; it's getting harder each day to tell. But if we lose, it will not be because the enemy is superior in strength, morality or guile. It will be because we have failed to take the threat with the seriousness and dead calm that an existential crisis demands. We have failed to identify the enemy and in doing so have turned the fight in on ourselves. The current spat between the government and the media would make for lively entertainment in another time. As we grow towards what is likely to be a showdown with thousands, maybe millions, of radicalized religious fanatics it might be a good idea for us to come to some agreement on whom we fight before it is too late.

Don't count on Muslims for help. The recent march against terrorism, organized by Muslims, in Washington attracted 50 people. Notice I said people. I would imagine that not all 50 were Muslims.

Look what happens when a Muslim tries to reform Islam.

A planned lecture by Islamic dissident Irshad Manji at the UK's University of Leicester has been cancelled for fear of Muslim-sponsored violent reactions.

And don't count on the press for help. Newsweek's bogus Koran desecration story should tell you that. If not, look at the way everyone involved in the Azza Basarudin Koran desecration story acted. The press were all over it, Amazon issued an apology and banned the used bookseller who sold the book. All on her word alone - just because she is a Muslim. A quick search of her reveals she is an Islamic activist opposed to the US liberation of Iraq.

So, the question becomes not only what to do about Islam, but what to do about the blinkered press.

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