Wednesday, May 25, 2005

America - Targeting Journalist Lie

For years the world's media have been making unsubstantiated claims that US troops deliberately target journalists. Eason Jordan of CNN was one of the latest to make the claim and was forced to resign when he couldn't produce the evidence.

Linda Foley, President of the Newspaper Guild and Communication Workers of America, is the latest to make the claim and it remains to be seen if she has any evidence or will resign.

I recently posted about a new site dedicated to exposing these bogus claims and other biased reporting on our troops. I just emailed one of the founders of the site and pointed out that this targeting nonsense has been around for a very long time and involves big time media organizations, like CNN and the BBC, teaming up to spread the lie. I sent them a link to this site as a good starting place for researching this subject.

Hopefully, someone will do a well researched article and expose the media's attack on our troops.

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